Causes of Asbestos Lungs Cancer and How to Avoid It

Asbestos lungs cancer is one of the most deadly disease in the United State of America. Over 55% of lungs cancer diseases in the State are related to asbestos exposure. The increase in lungs cancer related to asbestos exposure is now very alarming according to studies online. This is because almost all building found in develop countries contains asbestos fibers or some insulation materials that contains asbestos substances. Hence, there is need to know the risk involved when one is expose to asbestos fiber and who to do in such situation.

Asbestos lungs cancer

The causes of lungs cancer varies apart from exposure to asbestos fibers, lungs cancer can be developed via smoking or air pollution especially in places that emits chemicals in the air hazardous to man when inhaled. But avoiding these cancer causing agents can keep you healthy for long.
So What is Asbestos? And What are Their Uses?

Asbestos are bunch of minerals naturally found in the environment and they appear in the form of bundles of fibers that can be separated into durable and thin threads. These asbestos fibers are resistant to heat, fire and chemicals.

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Asbestos fibers are not electricity conductors hence they are used in many industries to avoid fire outbreak. Asbestos fibers are used in building and construction industries to strengthen cement and plastics, fireproof, soundproof, insulation and roofing.

Asbestos are also used in vehicle break shoe and clutch pads. In shipbuilding industry, they use asbestos to insulate steam pipes, broilers and hot water pipes. They use it in coating and floor, ceiling tiles and paints.

Who can be Expose to Asbestos Dust?

With the wide use of asbestos materials, it therefore means there is no guarantee that everyone is safe from developing asbestos lungs cancer disease. Most people will be exposed to its adverse effect and will one time in future, develop this cancerous disease of the lungs.

Just like any other form of cancer, asbestos lungs cancer disrupt the balance on cell growth in the lungs, resulting to an uncontrolled division and proliferation of cells. This as a result form a mass know as tumors.

What are the Symptoms of Asbestos Lungs Cancer?

Asbestos lungs cancer is a life threatening disease and one of the most difficult cancer to treat. Symptoms of asbestos lungs cancer includes the followings:

1. Weight loss,

2. Chest pain,

3. A persistent cough,

4. Bloody, hoarseness or rust-colored sputum.

5.Difficulty in breathing

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So How to Avoid Been Expose to Asbestos?

To avoid falling victim to asbestos cancer, start eating healthy food and go on healthy diet. Consume foods like citrus, green leafy vegetables, fresh garlic and omega-3 fatty food such as fish, walnuts and winter squash.

Do not smoke and inhale harsh chemicals that can cause harmful effect to the lungs like asbestos dust.

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I hope this info helps you a lot?

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