Johnny Lattner: Heisman Winner Reportedly Died of Mesothelioma

Johnny Lattner reportedly died of mesothelioma? Johnny Lattner who has been known to be one time winner of Heisman Trophy and also a two-time winner of All-American college football recently died of mesothelioma.

Johnny Lattner
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Lattner 83, who won the Heisman then as a senior at the University of Notre Dame in 1953, was discovered to have been suffering from mesothelioma since 2014 where he has been under treatment until he died last month.

Johnny Lattner and His Health

So What is Mesothelioma?
Mesothelioma is an aggressive malignant cancer that affects the mesothelial tissue popularly known to be caused by exposure to asbestos. The tissues that lines in the lungs, stomach, heart and other internal organs of the body are called mesothelium and when foreign objects like asbestos particles finds their way into the mesothelium, they form a severe tumor called mesothelioma.

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The horror nature of asbestos exposure has taken the lives of many heroes in the United State especially our U.S. Marines and U.S. Air Force personnel’s who fought gallantly decades ago to protect the country and when carrying out these duties, were exposed to asbestos materials.

Lattner was also enlisted in the U.S. Air Force just after he was selected to the Pro Bowl, but latter sustained a career-ending knee injury. He spent two years in the U.S Air Force where he was exposed to some toxic mineral suspected to be asbestos.

So in September, 2014 Lattner was diagnosed with pleural mesothelioma though he claimed his summer jobs in college working with asbestos products, was the cause of his mesothelioma cancer. Upon his death, the Notre Dame University observed a moment of silence to honour his departure before a basketball game against the Louisville Cardinals.

Mesothelioma has known to be a respecter of no one, any contact with asbestos can be dangerous and when mesothelioma develops, it surely leads to death unless a proper treatment is done to save the patient.

Mesothelioma cancer has claimed the lives of well-known victims which includes:

1. Warren Zevon, (1947-2003):
Singer- songwriter who was nominated for five Grammy Awards shortly after his death, winning one with Bruce Springsteen for Best Rock Performance by a Duo.

2. Ed Lauter, (1938-2013):
Character actor who appeared in more than 200 film and television projects.

3. Hamilton Jordan, (1944-2008):
White House chief of staff for President Jimmy Carter.

4. Merlin Olsen, (1940-2010):
Hall of Fame football player turned successful broadcaster and actor.

5. Admiral Elmo Zumwalt, Jr., (1920-2000):
U.S. Chief of Naval Operations during the Vietnam War.

6. Steve McQueen (1930-1980):
Movie star known as the King of Cool who was once America's highest-paid actor.

The Life of Johnny Lattner Before He Died.

Born and raised in Chicago, Johnny Lattner was a vice-president of a graphics printing company. He owned a restaurant in Chicago where he raised eight children with Peggy Lattner his wife of 58 years in marriage. He was popularly known in Chicago for his generosity and ability to solve people problems.

At charity events, Lattner often gave speeches for free and sign autographs. He was one among the people that lobbied against the proposed FACT Act legislation that would make it difficult for people seeking compensation from asbestos trust funds. Among his good act were rescuing 25 people from an apartment raised by fire near one of his restaurant.

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Lattner also lent out his Heisman Trophy to raise funds for charity. After been diagnose of mesothelioma in 2014, Johnny Lattner used his football fame to help fight for other asbestos victims by traveling to Washington D.C. to educate elected officials more on asbestos victims. He also worked with Chicago legislators for an amendment to the Illinois Statute of Repose that help asbestos victims push for compensation against their corporation that expose them to asbestos minerals.

Johnny Lattner throughout his days suffering from asbestos cancer has helped in raising the awareness for mesothelioma and asbestos compensation of victims. RIP Johnny Lattner, your good works still remains after your death.

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