What is Accidental Damage Cover Car Insurance?

Accidental damage cover for car insurance is basically the type of car insurance policy that covers damages to cars on comprehensive policies. This is the type of insurance coverage that covers an insured car together with the third party’s vehicle after an accident occurred.

accidental damage cover

An accidental damage most at times occurs when you park your car properly, and it is either hit by another car or scratched by a moving object or had its windshield or windows broken by another object while on motion.

This kind of damage is very costly to repair and especially when it’s been caused by an object which cannot be held responsible. The burden of responsibility literally is on the owner of the car except when an insurance contract is already signed to that effect. You cannot hold the other party liable for the accidental damage caused on your vehicle.

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Meanwhile, the impact caused by accidental damage to your vehicle insured varies largely based on the extent of the damage caused and also on the type of insurance policy purchased. Not all insurance policies provide accidental damage cover for your car. Hence, it will be wisdom if you ask your insurance provider first before you sign any contract to that effect.


Accidental Damage Cover for Cars - Is It Worth It?

So if you live in a place where cars or vehicles are easily damaged, you might want to ask this question; "Is a comprehensive auto insurance cover on accidental damage worth It"?

Purchasing a comprehensive car insurance policy for accidental damage is a sure way to protect your vehicle against accidental damage. Although most people are still ignorant of this fact and they blindly sign any auto insurance agreement they are convinced to sign. It is not supposed to be so. Most auto insurance companies out there are a total rip-off so you have to be careful. Do a proper research before you sign any agreement.

If you are willing to purchase any car insurance policy for your car, then I will suggest you go for the comprehensive car insurance that provides accidental damage cover for your car. Even if you already had a simple auto insurance cover for your car running without a cover for accidental damage, you can still switch to your prefer insurance provider that offers such services.

So What are the impact accidental damage has on my car insurance:

1. The type of accidental damage Covered;

2. The weight of damage to your car;

3. The number of accidental damage claims you have already filed;

4. The type of car insurance policy you sign;

And more which will be revealed in out next post here. So stay glue to our blog for further interesting articles. Thank you.

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